Diamond Creek Bowling Club welcomes new members of all ages and genders.

We currently have a playing membership of just over 70, with membership of all ages.  We have 3 Pennant teams on a Saturday in Divisions 1, 4 and 7.  On a Tuesday we field 2 teams in Divisions 1 and 4.   The Club also presents a significant source of social activity to all members.

Pennant competition is played from October to March annually, with strong social bowls games throughout the rest of the year.

As with any sport, lawn bowlers need to have the right clothing and equipment to play pennant, and this can be expensive.  To encourage new bowlers to join the Club and to assist them with their ‘start-up’ costs, we currently offer new members playing pennant with:

  • FREE first year’s membership,
  • FREE pennant shirt,
  • FREE lessons from qualified coaches and
  • FREE use of bowls, so that when starting out it gives you the opportunity of trying different bowls and sizes to assist you when you purchase your set.

Annual membership is usually $200 per annum and Rink fees of $8 per game apply.

During pennant season, we hold skills training every Tuesday and general training every Thursday.

If you are not sure about playing pennant, try our Social club membership, which is available for $50 per annum. With this membership you can involve yourself in the Club, come down and play bowls when you wish and hopefully you will become keen to then take on pennant play.  If you’re not sure about your ability to play pennant, this is a great option, and you will quickly learn the skills required to play.  With 3 teams at differing levels, its a great way to become involved.


Bowls Membership Form